Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Got back from a long weekend at a friend's cottage. It was quite the weekend of shock and relaxation! It was a 3 hour drive to get there. About 10 minutes away from the cottage, our friend the driver lost control of the car on a dirt road and the car accellerated into a hydro wire off the side of the road in a small ditch. I was in the backseat sleeping, my boyfriend and driver in the front. I woke up to a really fast downhill roll. After the crash, we all got out and no one had any injuries. I walked away with a light bruise on my chin and a few scrapes on my fingers. I'm totally fine, but was in a bit of shock afterwards.

Lesson to be learned? Don't speed or make sudden movements with the steering wheel while driving on dirt roads.

Everyone who drove by was nice enough to stop to ask if everyone was fine and if we needed any assistance. The whole ordeal took 3 hours to resolve: get help, look for tow truck and getting assesments, and back to the cottage from the our friends the cottage owners. After the shock, we had good food and drinks, relaxed by the water, played an insane game of monopoly, got eaten by black flies on a hike, and went paddling in a peaceful lake in a canoe. Incredibly smooth traffic on our return considering the long weekend and the high number of cottage-goers.

Got back to Ebay with one nasty email from a potential buyer, all huffed up because I didn't answer emails over the weekend, even though I did mention it on my Ebay blog. Eh. Life is too short to get worked up about unpleasant emails. Sold a few items over the weekend. I was explecting one negative feedback from one customer and it turned out to be a positive one. Yay!

Got back in one piece to ship lovely items to all my patient and wonderful Ebayers!

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